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What is Project Zee?

Project Zee is a company of technically insightful and creative individuals formed for the purpose of designing, creating and distributing personalized digital media...In other words, we make movies.


How did Project Zee start?

Project Zee was founded by Michael Adam Kraus. As early as 15 years of age, Michael obtained a block on Tampa Bay's Public Access television station and hosted a series by the name of LTD. After the 10 episode run, the show was quickly cancelled* and covered up as an embarrassment. Michael persisted with his film ambitions by continuing many short projects with various individuals throughout his high school and college years- but never officially organized any one group. In 2007, Michael set off on an endeavor to combine all of his fellow associates and friends into one joint-company, titled Project Zee. *Oh, and yes, he did get cancelled from a free Public Access channel- snicker all you want.


Who or What is Zee?

Zee is not a real person, nor does it stand for a person in particular. Michael Kraus, being the he is magnifigreatt wirter he is he, has always had a weakness for formulating names of characters. Thus, since he was a child, he always named the lead character a default name that could later on be replaced by a proper one. Zee has been the main character of almost every skit or movie since.


Does Project Zee only focus on zombie movies?

No, as stated previously (you aren't reading close enough), the 'Zee' in 'Project Zee' does not imply a specific character- so it does not stand for a zombie or a zombie's name. We chose a zombie movie as our first large-scale topic due to interest-levels in the genre as well as the source material already having been completed. Check the coming soon page for an ongoing, expanded list of coming projects.


Who is George Wendt?

George Wendt is an American actor who is best remembered for his role as Norm Peterson on the hit show, Cheers. He may have nothing to do with Project Zee, but IS a fine actor. You can find out more information on George Wendt here>.


How do I find out more?

An article for the USF newspaper, the Oracle, was published on April 9, 2008. You can read the online version here>.

Furthermore, Michael Kraus has also appeared on 1620AM, WBUL's Zombie Survival Hour on April 21, 2008. Listen to the podcast located here> (he appears in the last 30 minutes only).


Wow, I love the way you do things here. Michael looks so cool. Where do I sign up?

If you're interested in helping Project Zee, and don't mind getting your hands a bit dirty, just send Project Zee an email here>- He'd love to talk to you about Project Zee or just chat about interests in general- he gets lonely.

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