Last Prep Day

With only one last day left before our long shooting weekend, we had the entire crew together for our final checklist.

First up: Lucas, Nikki & Christy worked out our Special Effects. With 5 special effects scenes planned on Friday and Saturday, those had to be completely ready in order to keep up the pace of our shooting schedule.

Christy, Lucas & Nikki working on Makeup/ Effects.

Nikki Demonstrating an Injury.

While the makeup was underway, a bomb was dropped on us: Frankie del Rosario, Project Zee’s Sound Technician, returned from the walk-in clinic with a 104-degree fever. This of course, made it impossible for Frankie to perform this weekend with the team. With this knowledge, Eddie Rivera, Project Zee’s Sound Mixer, had to re-design our audio workflow to allow easier manipulation of the boom while mixing. ¬†Get better, Frankie.

Justin Working on the Glide Cam

At the same time, Justin Matchett spent his time on tweaking the Glide Cam for a perfect match with our Canon T2i. The Glide Cam, a very interesting and useful tool, can be a huge pain to tweak. Several hours were spent slightly adjusting the springs and adding weights to make sure the Glide Cam was 100% stable for our tracking shots.

After the Glide Cam and the Boom were ready, the ladies stayed in and worked on the wardrobe prep while the Car Crew conducted the last few setups for the Jalopy. This included: testing the cinder blocks, breaking a bit more trim, sanding down the rust (for a more natural look) and the removal of the driver’s-side door.

Car Crew Hard at Work

After a very long night, we all left with a feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction with knowing that we are prepared for our first day of shooting.

Tomorrow’s the big day!

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