2 Days And Counting…

With only two more days for preparation on Project Zee’s big production, “Derrick Builds a Car,” a lot still needs to be done. We started the day off by applying more rust to our Jalopy. It appears that the more we add on, the thicker and darker the rust becomes. However, we are still in the need to sand down a bit of the rust to give it more of a realistic feel.

2 Layers of Rust on the Jalopy

After, we spent a good two more hours on finishing the remainder of our storyboards.

Storyboards with Stand-Ins: Frankie del Rosario & Christy Stoddard

That is one huge relief off of my shoulders, having all of the necessary storyboards. So now my agenda for the remainder of the night will be to focus on completing my shooting schedule and notes, which includes theĀ integrationĀ of all storyboards.

There’s still so much to do and not a whole lot of time to do it in… Who knew making a movie would be this much work?


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