3 Days And Counting…

With only 3 full days left of preparation, today was spent doing a few things. We started our shoot log by organizing the hundreds of storyboards we shot. We also prepared the Jalopy with a bit more rust for a nice POS feel. We also finally picked up or last needed prop and our last member(s) of the cast. Derrick’s Gold Fish. Just as Among the Dead before, we have decided to have our main character associate with a goldfish as well as live vicariously through their lives- and yes, eventual deaths.

Meet "Gold Fish 1" (we are very creative with names)

And…judging by our last fish production, we thought we’d need a whole lot more than one fish to keep alive until the shoot.

Fish 1's Stand-ins: (From Left) Fish 2, Fish 3, Fish 4 & Paulie.

After our prop hunting and fish-wrangling, we did find time to go show our support to 3GK’s Mavel Vs. Capcom 3 Release Party at Hyde Park Cafe. Hosted by Zee’s own Frankie del Rosario.

Pictured with 3GK Admins, Frankie del Rosario and Daniel Scott.

That many video game geeks in the dark was a bit creepy, but a good time was had by all.


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