5 Days And Counting…

While the Jalopy lies drying with rust sprouting all over her, we decided to use our Sunday towards two things:

1) Prop & Wardrobe Shopping

2) Sound Check.

Props ended up being easy to find. There’re still a few things left to locate, but that’s why they invented Amazon. The wardrobe was a bit of a pain, as our shoot schedule is spread out so far apart, I’m afraid I’ll change my mind before March 12th.

For the sound check, Christy and I hauled all of our new sound gear to Brandon to meet up with lead Sound Technician, Eddie Rivera as well as Set Manager, Nikki Cooper. The equipment seemed to work out perfectly, with a lot of great improvements I think we’ll be benefiting from. We tested out our new Digital Recorder, the Tascam HD-P2 (from our upgrade of the DA-P1), our new sound mixer and our new Shotgun microphone with blimp.

The one snag: Our boompole’s set screw snapped off! Very sad. Well, off to Lowe’s to figure out if they have a matching replica. After a long night’s sleep, of course.


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