Storyboarding- The Efficient Way

We’ve been spending the last four days storyboarding for “Derrick Builds a Car.” Since we are shooting on such a tight schedule (5 days), efficiency is key. That is why we have chosen to photograph the storyboards rather than the old fashioned drawing method. This does a few things:

1) Show exactly what my interpretation of the shot is, regardless of artist interpretation.

2) Establish needs (in the terms of lighting and rigs).

3) Allow the full survey of our locations.

4) Allow us to efficiently setup the shots throughout the shooting process.

This being said, we are about 75% done with storyboarding- and still going.

Storyboards with Stand-In: Lucas Price

Storyboarding with Stand-ins: Justin Matchett & Lucas Price

Storyboarding with Stand-ins: Frankie & Joe del Rosario


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