DBaC Wrap Party

Derrick Builds a Car Cast/Crew celebrated our completion-ish with style.

The Set of Our Added Scene- "Ashley Returns"

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to party as much as we deserved- as there were still four scenes to shoot! The first, an added scene for Chad and Fenix, was shot in the midst of the party. The guests not being used as extras got to sit down in front of the 55″ LCD and watch the scene unfold live.

Wrap Party Husband & Wife: Justin & Cindy (Jessica DiTomaso & Brannon Cross)

As the night progressed, we skipped to our main scheduled party sequence, which required all of our Party-goer-extras. Refreshing with a few beverages- we all moved to the outdoors to finish our last party scene in the parking lot of the main event.

Wrap Party: Hard Working Ladies of Project Zee (Grace, Christy & Nikki)

After reviewing the footage, I made a realization- drinking and making a movie don’t always mix as smoothly as ¬†you think. With our judgement hindered and response rate diminished, we fell behind schedule very fast and when realizing the time, the crew decided to omit our final fourth scene (The Conclusion Scene) until we were better rested. Alas, with another two scenes left to shoot, our wrap party turned out to not be a wrap party, but just a really good party.

Wrap Party: The Real Reason We Went Behind Schedule

Stay tuned for information on our final shots.


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