DBaC- Production Day 3

With our time-loss caused by several factors, we all decided to not waste the scheduled opportunity of our 3rd production day.

We all got a chance to sleep-in and met up at noon for pictures. Sadly, another one of our members, Christy had a visit with the Walk-In Clinic and was diagnosed with Bronchitis. That didn’t stop her!

Kudos to Christy Stoddard- Assisting with Bronchitis!

Regardless, we ended up getting several great pictures of our actors. We also got a chance to shoot one of our most difficult setups.

Derrick Builds a Car Cast with Director

Oh yeah, how could I forget how we spent the rest of the evening:

Eon Sea Working Hard On Set: Theo Harris & Jay McGee

After three long days of shooting, we are officially behind 10 scenes and now have to leave the Jalopy parked in a car port of Frankie del Rosario’s house for a month. The next shooting days are scheduled for March 12th and March 13th.

We have a lot of work to do…


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