DBaC- Production Day 2

Derrick Builds a Car Production Day Began!

Preparing for a Scene: Chad Gall Shopping For His "Car."

After a long Friday night of shooting at USF, the Crew arrived on set by 6:30am to setup. Let’s just say that without coffee, we never would have gotten through the first scene.

By 8:30, we were ready to start shooting. Brannon Cross and Chad Gall tortured the hot sun through several takes but tragedy struck in the middle of shooting.

Due to the time it took to setup the set, our Car Crew had left our Jalopy sitting un-supervised in an overgrown nook of the neighborhood. After two hours of sitting there, someone had called the Tampa Police Department to inquire about the vehicle. By the time we had arrived back on the scene, there were three police vehicles surround the car to investigate. Another five minutes would have meant our Jalopy would have been impounded.

Apparently, the police had just recovered a separate vehicle two miles away from our shooting location that had been “stripped down and left on blocks.” The police had thought that this was just another vehicle that had undergone the same treatment. After about an hour of dealing with this, we finally got back to shooting (way over schedule).

Unfortunately, due to a sluggish start, the police-fiasco and several neighbors halting the production, we only got through 5 of the scheduled 8 scenes completed. With this harsh realization, the Project Zee crew took a vote and decided to reschedule our 3rd day of shooting. This decision, though difficult to make, was decided to preserve the quality of the movie. Now, our schedule would be shifted to allow our March 12th day for the re-shoots and the 13th would be used as our “catch-up” day.

Car Crew Setting Up for Day 2

Even with the disappointing news of the rescheduling, we still got some pretty impressive scenes completed. Sunday would now be used as PR day as we will be conducting a photo shoot for posters and press releases.

Stay tuned.


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